Boosting ALL Childrens Social and Emotional Brain Power: Life Transforming Activities

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Or smelling ground coffee or a favorite scent?

Or maybe squeezing a stress ball works quickly to make you feel centered? Everyone responds to sensory input a little differently , so start experimenting now to find what works best for you. Make leisure time a priority. Partake in your favorite activities for no reason other than that they make you feel good. Go to a funny movie, take a walk on the beach, listen to music, read a good book, or talk to a friend.

Doing things just because they are fun is no indulgence. Play is an emotional and mental health necessity. Make time for contemplation and appreciation. Mediate, pray, enjoy the sunset, or simply take a moment to pay attention to what is good, positive, and beautiful as you go about your day. Take up a relaxation practice. Yoga, mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, or progressive muscle relaxation can put the brakes on stress and bring your mind and body back into a state of balance.

Understanding and accepting your emotions—especially those unpleasant ones many of us try to ignore—can make a huge difference in your ability to manage stress and balance your moods. An unhealthy diet can take a toll on your brain and mood, disrupt your sleep, sap your energy, and weaken your immune system. Conversely, switching to a wholesome diet , low in sugar and rich in healthy fats, can give you more energy, improve your sleep and mood, and help you to look and feel your best. People respond slightly differently to certain foods, depending on genetics and other health factors, so experiment with how the food you include in—or cut from—your diet changes the way you feel.

If you lead a busy life, cutting back on sleep may seem like a smart move. But when it comes to your mental health, getting enough sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.


Skipping even a few hours here and there can take a toll on your mood, energy, mental sharpness, and ability to handle stress. And over the long-term, chronic sleep loss can wreak havoc on your health and outlook. Your brain needs time to unwind at the end of the day. That means taking a break from the stimulation of screens—TV, phone, tablet, computer—in the two hours before bedtime, putting aside work, and postponing arguments, worrying, or brainstorming until the next day.

Everyone derives meaning and purpose in different ways that involve benefitting others, as well as yourself. You may think of it as a way to feel needed, feel good about yourself, a purpose that drives you on, or simply a reason to get out of bed in the morning. In biological terms, finding meaning and purpose is essential to brain health as it can help generate new cells and create new neural pathways in the brain.

9 Proofs You Can Increase Your Brain Power

It can also strengthen your immune system, alleviate pain, relieve stress, and keep you motivated to pursue the other steps to improve mental and emotional health. Engaging work that provides meaning to yourself and others. Partake in activities that challenge your creativity and make you feel productive, whether or not you get paid for them.

Some ideas are gardening, drawing, writing, playing an instrument, or building something in your workshop. Caring for a pet. Yes, pets are a responsibility, but caring for one makes you feel needed and loved. Animals can also get you out of the house for exercise and expose you to new people and places. The meaning and purpose derived from helping others or the community can enrich and expand your life—and make you happier. Schools, churches, nonprofits, and charitable organizations of all sorts depend on volunteers for their survival.

Taking care of an aging parent, a handicapped spouse, or a child with a physical or mental illness is an act of kindness, love, and loyalty—and can be as rewarding and meaningful as it is challenging. Following these self-help steps will still benefit you, though.

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In fact, input from a caring professional can often help motivate us to take better care of ourselves. American Psychological Association. American Academy of Family Physicians. Mental Health America. What is the Science of Happiness?

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Science-based practices for a meaningful, happy life. Berkeley Wellness. Authors: Melinda Smith, M.

ECE Preschool Child Development/Guidance Booklist

Last updated: June These 6 life-changing strategies can show you how. Understanding good mental health Your mental health influences how you think, feel, and behave in daily life. People who are mentally healthy have A sense of contentment A zest for living and the ability to laugh and have fun. The ability to deal with stress and bounce back from adversity.

A sense of meaning and purpose, in both their activities and their relationships. The flexibility to learn new skills and adapt to change. A balance between work and play, rest and activity, etc.

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  • The ability to build and maintain fulfilling relationships. Self-confidence and high self-esteem. Why are we often reluctant or unable to address our mental health needs? Our inability to address our mental health needs stems from a variety of reasons: In some societies, mental and emotional issues are seen as less legitimate than physical issues. We look for connection with others by compulsively checking social media instead of reaching out to people in the real world; to boost our mood and ease depression we take a pill, rather than address the underlying issues.

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    Boosting ALL Children's Social and Emotional Brain Power

    To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. We want your feedback! Click here. Subjects Education Nonfiction. Written by a leading expert on children and brain development, this valuable resource offers: A research-based and realistic approach refined through ongoing work in public schools Lively, thought-provoking activities that relate to students' lives and keep them engaged and interested Brain-based classroom exercises grouped by age, but adaptable for all K—12 grade-levels Strategies that positively shape individual students' emotional development, classroom dynamics, and overall school culture.

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