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  4. 'A Harrowing Journey, Then Chaos at the Border' by Kyung-Hoon Kim
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Inside the Chaos Castle you fight to the death. Fight for prestige or prize, but there can be only one.

Enter Chaos - Lethal Dreams

With the Armor of Guardsman you are disguised to look like your enemies, where no one will be able to tell who's who. The castle will fill with a mix of up to 70 users and the remainder being monster for a combined capacity of occupants. All occupants will be automatically placed into the appropriate Castle.

MU Online | Medieval Fantasy MMORPG

A minimum of 2 players is required for one to start. All may enter Chaos Castle as long as they meet the level requirement, initiation item and required entry fee. But will only be allowed to enter the Chaos Castle when the event is getting ready to begin. Up to 70 participants may enter and is based on first come first serve.

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Upon entering the Chaos Castle then Zen Amount will be automatically deducted from your inventory and the cumulative Zen will be awarded to ONE random player. When the event starts it becomes a Free For All.

Running out of money for treatment

The Strongest player will win the event. Ranking will be decided according to the points when there are more than 2 players remaining after closing time.

Traps will narrow down when the number of players and monsters inside the map are below Traps will deal the same damage to characters regardless of defense. Traps will instantly kill players regardless of level or defense. Chaos Castle monsters do not have monster drops..

A good argument when you need one

Following are the drop items from the monsters in Chaos Castle. What is Chaos Castle? Chaos Castle Total number of paricipants allowed in Chaos Castle is broken down into the following If the number of players are less than 70 then the remianing participants will automatically bereplaced with monsters The event will only begin when there are at least 2 players the the castle in the same level range.

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  8. If there is only 1 player the entrance fee will be returned and he will be forced to exit Chaos Castle. When the player enters the statChaos Castle his appearance will be changed to a guardsmans.

    'A Harrowing Journey, Then Chaos at the Border' by Kyung-Hoon Kim

    Only the appearance will be changed but there will be no changes with the actuals. To distinguish the class the character will have sword, staff and crossbow depending on their class.

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    6. Pets and mounts will not be enables in Chaos Castle. Players may not attack each other during the standbytime but they may move around. Party mode is disabled once you enter chaos castle. Personal store will be closed automatically and it's not possible to request for a guildwar or duel. Chatting is allowed in standby mode but is disables once the event starts.